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WP5 Optimising Research Programmes and Identifying Priorities

Within the context of the DETRA project, a significant emphasis is placed on well-coordinated research programmes and priorities, including a jointly-programmed public research investment at European level involving common priorities, coordinated implementation and joint evaluation. This is the objective of the project’s WP5, led by CERTH and entitled “Optimising research programmes and identifying priorities”.

This goal was initially pursued by a survey on the existing research programmes and roadmaps developed in the single European states, at the European Commission level, as well as internationally (e.g. in Japan, USA), related to all areas and all modes of transport. The purpose of this process is to collect all the research priorities for each transport sub-area that concern any existing gaps or emerge for any transport mode. These have been captured in a Research Work Programmes and Roadmaps Database that can be accessed here or by clicking on the image below:

Currently, more than 50 such research priority recommendations and/or roadmaps have been analysed, stemming from several types of organizations, such as technology platforms, research institutes associations, industrial associations and citizen representive organizations. Of course, special emphasis has been given to the roadmaps and documents of the European Commission. The collection of the material, which has been a continuous process throughout the duration of this project, was followed by the classification and categorisation of the information according to the four (4) major categories of transport designated at the beginning of the DETRA project:

  • Safety & Security,
  • Congestion & Capacity,
  • Environment & Energy,
  • Globalisation

The final outcome of this whole process will be the development of a single trans-European Transport Research Roadmap, containing all the relevant research priorities for each separate field of the transportation research area.

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