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WP1: Mobility for Researchers

WP1 is led by the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI) and has built on the experience of;
  • The ECTRI Working Group on Mobility and Training;
  • ECTRI, FEHRL and FERSI in the organisation of the biennial Young Researchers Seminars (YRS),
  • The four Networks of Excellence in the implementation of specific activities towards young researchers, and
  • Several senior researchers in the coordination of Marie Curie actions.

The main scope of WP1 is to build up a new generation of transport researchers in the European Union and its Associated States, to increase their skills, improve their employability and favour their trans-national mobility in a multicultural and multidisciplinary context.

This WP consists of the analyses of actions conducted in Europe regarding Training and Mobility in the transport domain in order to make some recommendations to get them improved and to help in the shaping of the future EC programmes in this domain. It will also include some initiatives to converge towards a joint action plan, and some methods and tools to improve training and mobility in transport domain (design of a European PhD in Transport, organisation of an “ad hoc” training program, and setting up of a dedicated Mobility web portal in transport (that can be found at

This new set of initiatives is a further step towards the implementation of EC recommendations on Mobility of researchers and the fifth freedom, and they will pave the way to propose complementary actions that could be included in the future EC programmes and actions related to Mobility.

 The work has been concretely divided into four tasks
  1. Analyses of existing European actions related to Mobility and Training in transport and recommendations for improvements
  2. Design of a European PhD in Transport
  3. Organisation of an “ad hoc” training programme
  4. Setting up of a dedicated Mobility web portal in transport
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