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WP6: International Cooperation

In WP6, led by EURNEX, international cooperation the overall status of the ERA for international transport research will be examined with reference to the projects CETRRA, SIMBA and SIMBA2 as well as the relevant elements of ERTRAC’s SAFIER activities, and the relevant experiences from various partners of the consortium (e.g. TRB and other relationships), including:
  • Examination of the implications of each recommendation in terms of work to be done, data to be gathered, actors to be involved
  • Elaboration of the scope, methodology, and necessary work to be done in order to materialise each recommendation.
  • Creation of detailed Road Maps for each recommendation with steps, actions, and milestones.
  • Dissemination and wider distribution of the results and prospects for International Cooperation.
A research cooperation agenda shall be provided at the end of the project.
Inernational Cooperation
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