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\ DETRA \ DETRA public \ DETRA Final Conference 24.04.2012, Athens, Greece

     00_Workshop Agenda (00_DETRA_Workshop TRA2012.pdf - 201.65 KB )
     01_Background to the DETRA initiative (01_DETRA_TRA_Joris.pdf - 404.34 KB )
     02_Optimisation of research programmes and identification of priorities (02_DETRA_TRA_WP5.pdf - 841.14 KB )
     03_Strengthening of research institutions through the Alliance (03_DETRA_TRA_2012_WP3.pdf - 288.49 KB )
     04_Benefits of the Transport ERA (04_DETRA_FinalConf_ECTRI_NPaulley.pdf - 477.74 KB )
     05_Next steps towards the Transport Research Alliance (05_DETRA_TRA_Malléjacqv2.pdf - 331.61 KB )


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