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\ DETRA \ DETRA public \ DETRA Workshop nr4: WP2,4&5 workshop 02.09.2011, Brussels

     Introduction to WS (JPM_110902.pdf - 306.48 KB )
     SETIS presentation (SETIS_DETRA.pdf - 2633.79 KB )
     WP2 presentation (DETRA_WP2_WS_20110902_Session 1_1.pdf - 1513.03 KB )
     WP4 presentation by EURNEX (DETRA EURNEX KMS 110902 110902.pdf - 1154.93 KB )
     WP4 presentation by FEHRL (DETRA RI WP4 strategy pres knowledge_SP.pdf - 2010.12 KB )
     WP4 presentation by HUMANIST (Pauzie.pdf - 1656.49 KB )
     WP5 presentation about research priorities (DETRA_Research Priorities_Road Safety_2.9.2011.pdf - 1444.91 KB )
     WP5 presentation by CERTH (DETRA_WP5 Workshop_Brussels_2.9.2011.pdf - 1657.88 KB )
     WP5 presentation by EURNEX (DETRA EURNEX integrated concept 110902.pdf - 4172.52 KB )
     WP5 presentation by FEHRL (CSF overview.pdf - 732.14 KB )


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