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     DETRA report
Additional DETRA report

     D1.1 Mobility web portal (DETRA_WP1_Deliverable_1.1_20110808.pdf - 1202.00 KB )
     D1.2 People and ideas agenda (DETRA_WP1_Deliverable_1.2_20120106.pdf - 1616.34 KB )
     D2.1 European and international RI catalogue (DETRA_WP2_Deliverable_2.1_20111109.pdf - 900.08 KB )
     D2.2 New Research Infrastructure requirements (DETRA_WP2_Deliverable_2.2_20120731.pdf - 267.73 KB )
     D3.1 Report on needs, constraints and deficiencies (DETRA_WP3_Deliverable_3.1_20120109.pdf - 783.48 KB )
     D5.1 Transport research database (DETRA_WP5_Deliverable_5.1_20110516.pdf - 420.86 KB )
     D5.2 Optimised pan-European transport research work programmes & roadmaps (DETRA_WP5_Deliverable_5.2_20120924.pdf - 974.02 KB )
     D7.1 Communication plan (DETRA_WP7_Deliverable_7.1_20110715.pdf - 634.61 KB )
     D7.2 Rules of participation (DETRA_WP7_Deliverable_7.2_20110209.pdf - 219.98 KB )
     D7.3 DETRA Final report (DETRA_WP7_Deliverable_7.3_20120914.pdf - 19466.55 KB )


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