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Presentation of DETRA project at the IMETI 2012 Conference

The 5th International Multi-Conference of Engineering and Technological Innovation - IMETI 2012 took place in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 17th-20th July 2012 (see In the context of this conference, a paper regarding the DETRA project was entitled "Towards a Common Research Strategic Roadmap for the Transportation Sector in Europe and beyond" under the area of “Disciplinary Research and Development”. This paper contains a brief description of the DETRA project, as well as the project’s objectives and vision. Furthermore, it mainly refers to the development of the pan-European transport research programme, which is the basic outcome of DETRA’s Work Package 5 (“Optimising research programmes and identifying priorities”). See the link below for the agenda (with the DETRA paper circled in red).

This paper was presented on 19th July 2012 by Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris from CERTH/HIT (representing FERSI), who is also the leader of the specific Work Package. During the presentation of the paper, great interest was expressed by the participants of the IMETI Conference as far as the DETRA project and its objectives in general are concerned and very interesting and fruitful discussions followed with representatives of several institutions and organizations (from USA, Japan, etc.) concerning mainly the issue of the research priorities of the pan-European Transport Research Work Programme.

Conference program.pdf

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